60vcaps - One vegetarian capsule provides:

Digestive enzyme blend:  95mg

Lipase RO (250FIP)

Amylase (3150 DU)

Lactase (150 ALU)

Malt Diastase (225 DP)

Cellulase (280 CU)

Protease 4.5 (14000 HUT)

Invertase (110 Su)

Chamomile flowers 60mg

Peppermint leaf  50mg

Fennel 50mg

Lemon Balm 40mg

Milk thistle 35mg

Liquorice root 30mg

Angelica root  25mg

Bioperine  2mg

Other ingredients: Vegetarian Capsule shell


As a food supplement, take one capsule with the two biggest meal of the day, or directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Best practice is to take the capsule after you have taken the first bite of the meal.  Try and avoid taking before meals.

NOTE:  Always chew your food properly. That is the first rule of absorption.  By properly breaking down the food manually it helps for a bigger surface area in the stomach.