Full Spectrum Wellness with Sfera’s Full Spectrum Mushroom Complex

Like mushrooms on the lawn during the rainy season, medicinal mushrooms seem to be popping up everywhere! With each one boasting its own unique set of benefits, choosing the right one for your specific needs can feel like navigating a mushroom maze! Sometimes having too many choices can lead to confusion and selecting just one mushroom might mean that you miss out on comprehensive wellness benefits.

That's where Sfera's Full Spectrum Mushroom Complex steps in. In a labyrinth filled with choices, a world brimming with options, this formulation offers a simple solution, combining multiple beneficial mushrooms in one convenient supplement so you can achieve full spectrum wellness. 

Step out of your maze and onto your simplified path to wellness.

You might wonder, 'Is there any real value in combining mushrooms together?' Well, let's delve into the science behind it.

Gene Bruno, a seasoned expert in nutrition and herbal medicine with 42 years’ experience, sheds light on this matter. He confirms that when it comes to specific mushrooms like Reishi, Shiitake, and Maitake, their combination generates a synergistic immunostimulatory effect. This synergy underscores the effectiveness of these three mushrooms when merged, particularly in supporting immune function (Bruno, 2022). This example shows us that there may indeed be benefits to combining different mushrooms into a single formulation.

Sfera Full Spectrum Mushroom Complex brings together Shiitake, known for immune support; Cordyceps, recognised for enhancing energy; Reishi, acknowledged for stress reduction; Maitake, valued for overall wellness; and Lion's mane, appreciated for cognitive function. These mushrooms are carefully extracted from the fruiting body in a potent 1:10 concentration, ensuring maximum effectiveness in promoting overall health (Mayell, 2001; Mori, 2009; Tuli, 2014 & Wachtel-Galor, 2011).

Choosing Sfera Full Spectrum Mushroom Complex means choosing full spectrum wellness. This formulation brings together the diverse benefits of medicinal mushrooms for whole body support. You choose a simplified, holistic approach to supporting your body’s vitality and balance.



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