Sfera Bio Nutrition is the amalgamation of knowledge, innovation and the belief that nature has what you need for optimum health & balance. Through our dynamic female leadership team, Sfera is committed to intuitive, thoughtful supplement solutions brought to you with the utmost care. Our ingredients are responsibly sourced from around the world and locally prepared.

The heart of Sfera
  • You are what you do or don’t eat.
  • Organic is best, always.
  • Nature is abundant with health.
  • Innovative complementary supplements and concepts introduced sensitively.
  • Care for planet Earth as a whole.
Our commitment
  • Quality - Sourcing and bringing you nature’s best
  • Innovation – Our requirements change as fast as technology does. We are always reinventing and discovering new solutions.
  • Customer Care – We sincerely care about our clients and their lifestyles, therefore ease and convenience is key.
  • Knowledge – Collecting and sharing through collaboration & exploration. Our team of bright minds will always continue to build on their foundation of skill and experience.
I have been battling night sweats for months and tried many vitamin and remedy formulations with no success, then within 3 days my nights sweats were greatly reduced and now, a week down the line and I'm having a full night’s sleep, highly recommend Sfera Ashwaganda Capsules!
— Loren