Why is there a natural flow agent or filler in Sfera products?

Sfera has been aiming to provide a clean label product for the consumer, driven by the desire for transparency through authenticity. This means that natural health products should contain natural, familiar, simple ingredients that are easy to recognise, understand and pronounce.

This has made us look for new ingredients and solutions for the Sfera Range in the manufacturing of clean label products.

When the label refers to a natural flow agent, the composition contains the following:

  • Potato Starch (organic)
  • Acacia Gum (organic) and
  • Agave Syrup powder (organic)

These ingredients are natural, organic and free of undesired excipients, such as titanium dioxide, silica, talc, magnesium stearate, palm oil and synthetic colours.

Why is a natural flow agent or filler necessary?

When you take a health product, you expect it to be safe, effective and of good quality.  These are the core principles of GMP (Good manufacturing process) standards.  

Some powders have very poor flow properties, which causes difficulty in filling the capsules with the powder. This can lead to big variances in the capsule mass, which will give inaccurate oral dosages. By improving the flow, we supply you with a better quality product which contains the dosage as required in all of the capsules.

Why does Sfera use Microcrystalline Cellulose as a natural flow agent or filler?

Microcrystalline cellulose

It can bulk, disintegrate, bind and lubricate.  As a natural, fiber-rich component, it is nontoxic and chewable.

It has carved a space for itself as an excipient in the supplement industry.  

We use it as a filler in our capsules, to counteract the natural variability of the powders that we use in our capsules. This ensures that we deliver a product that is consistant in dosage and capsules that are properly filled.

The fiber remains intact until excreted.  With no absorption to worry about, oral acute toxicity is low, and genotoxicity is unlikely.  It is made from high-grade, purified wood cellulose.