Self-Care – How To Practice It And Stick To It

Over the past month the team at Sfera Bio Nutrition has been focusing strongly on self-care, with the theme being, “I Love Me”. In discussions and on our social media platforms, we brought attention to stress management and heart health, with our Magnesium being a vital product for both issues.

The fact is that we live increasingly stressful and often insanely busy lives. We juggle jobs, businesses, family life, technology and a myriad of other pressures – add to that certain realities like load shedding and the result is a wellness disaster. If we don’t practice self-care consistently, we will soon face mental and physical exhaustion, suffering relationships and chronic illness.

Failing at Self-Care

In the past, self-care may have been viewed as something quite selfish, but we now know that it’s essential in order to have more energy and be more efficient in general. It happens of course, that you have so many responsibilities and life simply gets in the way of living. You’ve tried this self-care thing before, but things come up that are simply more important, and you end up having to put yourself last.

We want to emphasise that for your health and wellbeing, in body, mind and heart, it’s extremely important to keep trying. Eventually you will find yourself forming healthy habits which will add years of joyful living to your life!

Self-Care Simplicity

The beauty of self-care is that it doesn’t have to cost you anything. It should consist of doing simple things that you enjoy daily. The time you take will have an enormous impact on your resilience and even your self-confidence.

We’re sharing some excellent tips which you can follow to manage daily stress and achieve a healthy lifestyle in the long run.

Carina Lottering - CEO:

Q: How has self-care impacted your life?

A: Improved stress management, a more positive attitude and improved energy levels and flexibility. 

Q: Your 3 easy ways to practice self-care?

A: A Hot Stone Massage, quality kitty cat time and pilates twice a week. 

Q: Your tips for making self-care a daily way of life?

A: Make it part of your routine. Start doing one self-care practice a day. Book a class, if someone is expecting you, you are more likely to attend. 

Dorea Wessels - Director:

Q: Your 3 easy ways to practice self-care?

A: Adult coloring in. Look in the mirror and tell that person what you like about them. Taking an early morning walk. 

Q: Your tips for making self-care a daily way of life?

A: Swop negative thoughts with positive ones, be grateful every day and affirm one good thing about yourself each day. 

Self-Care For Life

When you are in a peaceful state of wellbeing, you’re more inclined to make positive lifestyle changes, such as sensible eating and enough physical activity. We at Sfera feel, of course, that nutrition is essential to self-care. We have developed a range of complementary supplements with purity, quality and purpose at heart, to address your needs and assist in managing daily challenges. Sfera For Life!

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