Top Nutritional Supplement Trends in 2022

In recent years our health concerns have shifted. Analysts have studied shifts in consumer behaviour. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been far-reaching, leading to a shift in nutritional supplement trends in 2022. While the pandemic may no longer be top of mind for consumers, it has impacted the supplements they buy and how they approach their health. More people are investing in health supplements to support their health needs (1). Between 2021 and 2028, experts estimate the global dietary supplement industry will grow from $140.3 billion to $272.4 billion. Our work schedules and changing lifestyles have affected our ability to ensure our daily nutritional requirements are met (2). So, in order to thrive at work, at home, and socially, Sfera is here to guide you in finding the top nutritional supplements to meet your needs, in line with global trends and your fast-paced lifestyle.

Immune Support

Immune support supplements are in high demand amongst consumers nowadays. By 2027, the global immunity support market is expected to grow to $28 billion a year. While vitamins are expected to dominate the market, the demand for herbal extracts is growing quickly (2). To this end, Sfera brought immune-supporting supplements such as Sfera Quercetin and Sfera Full-Spectrum Mushroom Complex to market before they started trending. Of course, there are always the staples such as vitamin D, zinc, and probiotics to keep you in good health. Along with these supplements, you can support your immune system by getting enough sleep and finding healthy ways to manage stress.

Nutritional Supplements Made by Socially Aware Companies

People are becoming increasingly conscious of the sustainability and transparency behind the production of nutritional supplements (3). In 2022 you’ll find more products on the shelves and online that are vegan, manufactured sustainably, and made by companies that are run by diverse teams with equity and inclusion at the forefront of their ethos. As a women-owned company run and supported by a diverse team of people, Sfera Bio Nutrition is a perfect example of this health trend. Sfera also ensures that its ingredients are sourced responsibly and, with the exception of collagen, the rest of Sfera’s products are suitable for vegans.

Marvellous Medicinal Mushrooms

There is a growing body of research to support the benefits of mushrooms, so it’s easy to see why they are trending in 2022 and will continue to gain popularity (3). Ahead of the curve, however, Sfera launched a range of medicinal mushroom supplements in 2015. Viewed as a relatively new health supplement category (4), Mushrooms have been known to offer various health benefits. You’ll be on the lookout for supplements that contain Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Maitake, and Cordyceps, amongst others. Mushrooms can be taken as supplements and eaten dried or fresh. Sfera’s Full Spectrum Mushroom Complex is a combination of medicinal mushrooms.

Choose Marine Collagen

The global marine collagen market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 7.35% during the period between 2020 and 2025 (7). Initially, bovine collagen dominated the market. Way back in 2017, however, Sfera already offered a high-quality marine collagen supplement which also continues to rise in popularity (7). Marine collagen remains a staple for so many of our customers. Marine collagen has become popular because it is an alternative for those who don’t eat red meat (8) and because it uses parts of the fish not otherwise used (2) (8), thus encouraging sustainability. Collagen contains a variety of essential and non-essential amino acids. It can be taken in capsule or powder form, depending on your needs. It can be added to soups, smoothies, stews, curries, and more in powder form. Cooking with collagen powder is an easy way to get your desired daily dose of amino acids. 

Maintain Digestive Health

There’s growing consumer interest in the link between the gut and other aspects of our health (3). People are beginning to realise that their gastrointestinal issues can be eased by not only a healthy diet, but by nutritional supplements such as probiotics and prebiotics too. Research has shown that a balanced gut will help regulate your immune system (5). With so many of us struggling with digestive issues, everything probiotic and prebiotic has taken centre stage, but there are other supplements that are also great for your gut, such as digestive enzyme blends and amino acids that repair the gut lining. 

Take Care of Your Brain 

Our hectic lifestyles have led to a rise in demand for stress management and cognitive health support supplements (3). Our brains rule everything we do, but we often forget to care for them. Mental health awareness is increasing as our fast-paced lifestyles take their toll. As a result, we are looking towards health supplements to help our brains along. Studies predict that cognitive supplement sales will grow by 8.5% over the next six years (3). Sfera has this aspect of your health covered too. Supplements made from Lion’s Mane mushrooms have been linked to improved cognition (3), but there’s more to the brain than cognition. Our brains influence how we sleep, deal with stress, our mood, and more. Herbal extracts such as Maca and Ashwagandha have become increasingly popular (2)

The Health of Our Precious Pets

Our little furry friends need a little extra help here and there too, which is why there’s an increasing demand for pet supplements. Pet owners are becoming pickier and they are gravitating towards food that doesn’t contain common allergens, such as wheat, soy, and corn (6). Many supplements are available to ease anxiety, promote joint health, and aid digestion. The amount of online searches for ‘CBD for dogs’ alone have increased by 766% over the last five years (4). While you may be looking for solutions to health issues similar to your own, you must ensure that you are using products developed for pets or products which are pet friendly. Some human supplements aren’t good for your furry pals. 

Taking care of yourself is easy when you have the right nutritional supplements, and that doesn’t always mean that you need to follow the trends. Finding the top nutritional supplements is about purchasing products from a trustworthy brand that offers high-quality supplements. Sfera Bio Nutrition sources the highest quality ingredients responsibly from all over the world and prepares them locally just for you. Sfera has always been on the vanguard of health trends; with our fingers on the pulse, we offer supplements that everyone else is only catching onto much later.


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