Research is only starting to uncover the important role that fulvic minerals play and the information is amazing! Fulvic acids support the body in a variety of ways including digestion, cell health, brain health and in the uptake of nutrients and the removal of toxins.

Unique feature:

Non coal derived Fulvic acid

What is Fulvic acid:

When organic material breaks down, due to humification (e.g. composting), it forms compounds that are collectively called Humic Substances or Humates. 

Because of modern farming methods the natural ecological cycle was disturbed and soil became sterile and depleted of nutrients.  Artificial Fertilizers were used to attempt replenishing the soil.  Initially crop fields improved but over time soil were stripped of essential trace elements that were not present in fertilisers.  Trace elements are essential in all metabolic processes.  Modern day farming reintroduced both Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid and or the salts thereof with spectacular results.

Sfera Fulvic acid extracts Humic Substances (Humic Acids, Fulvic Acids and their salts) from fossilised plant material that are thousands of years old.  Sphagnum Peat fossilized is pristine and is undeniably the best starting material for extracting the best possible quality Fulvic Acids.  

Sfera chose fossilized Sphagnum because coal derived Humic (Fulvic) Acids will most probably contain heavy metals and unwanted phenolic compounds.

Key benefits of Fulvic acid

  • Improved digestion and mineral assimilation
  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhance Immune system
  • Balance pH levels
  • Rejuvenate hair, skin and nails
  • Improves gut health

How it works


  • Acquiring enough electrolytes and other trace minerals is important for proper metabolic functions, digestive health and nutrient assimilation.


  • Fulvic acid helps to reduce inflammation, damage from free radicals, better detoxification and increase intake and absorption of nutrients – this all leads to better energy levels.
  • Humic acids are natural electrolytes, they can help energize and activate biological processes in the body.


  • Fulvic acid helps to improve gut health and restore good bacteria, in turn helps to boost the immune system.

Alkaline pH levels in the body

  • Fulvic acid can help to keep pH alkaline in the body and restore it to optimal pH level.


  • Superior absorption of nutrients and mineral profile can lead to healthier skin, hair and nails.


Do not use Fulvic acid from more than 3 months at a time

Detox symptoms may be experiences when you start taking Fulvic acid. e

If you are on chronic medication, speak to your physician about taking Fulvic Acid.

As a precautionary measure, pregnant or lactating women are not advised to take fulvic acid