6 Health tips for a smooth Cape Town Cycle Tour - Enjoy all 109 km!

Ready, set, ride!

On the 10 March 2019, the 41st annual Cape Town Cycle Tour will commence. The popular event starts and finishes in the shadow of the gorgeous and majestic Table Mountain. Thousands of cyclist are anticipating one of the most beautiful cycle races in the world.

If you’re participating in this amazing event, read our quick tips for a smooth, enjoyable race.

  • Hydrate before, during and after the race

  • Hydration is not only important on the day of the race, but it is also important for before and after the race. You’re going to lose a lot of fluids during your 109 km cycle.  On the day of the race, drink enough fluids to prevent dehydration. You can make use of the water points along the way but perhaps take one or two bottles of your own water. You can add MCT Oil powder to one of your water bottles for more power and energy. The water and MCT mix - also known as “Tiger’s Milk” - will help you muster up all the energy you need for the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

  • Fuel up before your race

  • Load up on proteins, carbohydrates and essential nutrients and vitamins before the day of the race. Some people prefer eating more protein the day before race day while others relish in carbohydrates. Eat whatever works for your body.

  • Apply lots of sunblock

  • The sun can do a lot of damage during a long cycle. Apply plenty of sunblock to your face, ears, neck, arms and legs - all exposed areas -  before the race. 30 SPF or higher sweat resistant sunblock will prevent a nasty burn. The only burn you should feel the day after your race is the burn in your sore and tired muscles.

  • Stock up of L-Glutamine
  • L-Glutamine is an ideal supplement for cyclists. Sfera L-Glutamine supplement boosts overall performance and reduces the side effects of vigorous activity, while boosting your immune system to prevent illnesses. It also accelerates the healing and rebuilding of muscles after any strenuous activity.

  • Take along some baby bum cream

  • Riding for long periods of time can become a little uncomfortable and painful. Prevent chafing by applying baby bum cream to areas that often get chaft. This is one trick many cyclists can vouch for.

  • Use MSM before and after the race

  • Stock up on OptiMSM. This can be taken during and after the race to look after your muscles and prevent injuries. MSM (methylsulphonylmethane) is an organic sulphur-containing compound that is essential for optimal health. This supplement promotes joint health, prevents age related conditions, speeds up sport recovery time, reduces gut related issues and more.

    Get inspired

    Here’s a quick look at last year’s Cape Town Cycle Tour:

    We hope you enjoy the entire experience

    Good luck to all cyclists taking part in the Cape Town Tour Cycle. We know you’ll have a fantastic time surrounded by enthusiastic supporters and beautiful scenery.